Important Health & Safety Update:

We take the health and safety of our customers and our team very seriously and have implemented numerous changes to ensure health and safety guidelines are strictly adhered to.

A few changes that go above and beyond the requirements:

- All staff regardless of position will be required to complete a Serv Safe Food Handlers course.

- We will designate a staff member to be our "CLEAN FREAK" during peak meal times. This staff member will ensure all tables get properly sanitized after each use. They will also be sanitizing all high touch areas.

- We have implemented a wait-list application. Guests can visit and join the wait-list, or make a reservation. The guest will receive a text message when their table is ready. This will prevent guests from congregating in the entry way.

- We have purchased mobile ordering / payment devices so our staff can spend more time taking care of their guests, and the guests can pay tableside so guests don't have to congregate at the cashier stand.

- We have implemented a mobile pay option where guests can scan a QR code and pay from their mobile device.

- All staff will also be required to complete a wellness assessment and a temperature check upon arriving to work.

These changes are in addition to the standards set forth by state and local health officials in regards to the social distancing guidelines, personal protective gear etc. If you have any questions, please feel free to ask a manager on duty, or email